how's everything cool people? :D

I'm JuseBee, I'm a Colombian, cartoonist in progress (I'm learning), gamer, an art lover (Music, drawing, animation, etc...)

I hope we can be friends ;)

Favorite Games: Nfs: Most Wanted 2005, Super Mario, Just Shapes & Beats, Darksiders, COD, Forza horizon...

My Fest Friends on GameJolt: @Fer3xF , @TadCooper

People I admire on GameJolt: @Fer3xF , @PixelSenpai, @TadCooper , @ManutkArt , @KniteBlargh , @Storm___ , @TheTrueTrident

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Hey bro, just something to add about the issue of adding posts in the wrong channel in the Digital Art community.

Yes, this happens anytime, but I take this seriously since wrong channels can bring to a misunderstanding. Every time I see any posts that aren't in the right channel, I move it. But this is my first day, so we need to discuss more about how can we keep the accuracies between the channel and the post and avoid too much inaccurate posts that aren't posted in the right channel.


Hey Juse, your community is growing too fast that you and the people barely have to make specials lol

I don't want to make more specials for this but I'll make another soon

Hi thx for featuring my content on the front page!

Oi Oi Oi,

It's Levi Ackerman in a minimalist style, the motivation was made a wallpaper for my phone XD

I hope you like it :))

My first post in this lost community xD

I just built a F1 car with some Legos I found xD

I hope you like it :))

She's so beautiful 😍... EJEM I mean... I just drew one of my favorites characters from the videogames, Cortana, from Halo, and with an Anime style (by the way, Halo has an anime too xd)

I hope you like it :))

I bought a figure to help me to draw bodies and things like that, well this is my first drawing with that figure

I hope you like it xD

Here is Altair from the first Assassin's Creed game, I'm playing it so I decided to draw him xD

I hope you like it :))