Umm ok

My other social media



Instagram: I have one but it have my real face on so I'm gonna make a new one if have to

Also I don't follow back anymore like I used to sorry

Maybe I will follow back when feel like it

or just sending death threats in my Dms

Shouts (6)

Shout @KDPQ!

fact about me so i dont waste people time to friend request

and talk to me about something

  1. I don't model. people think that i model i don't .so don't ask me to model something

  2. i can only animate and add particles

  3. i only use blender but c4d im still a beginner

  4. don't ask me to animate something i most likely lost motivate and not finish it

    (copy from the post)

can you help me with my oc plz

help me ;_;

I am LOVIN the content, if you ever want to animate one of my models just ask your stuff is great.

epic renderer

announcement on this account

Im not always gonnna be online so respond or upload will be late

does anyone know how to fix this. i try to redownload it but its the same result

environment test

the asset is not made by me

render in Cycles


collab part for Clyde SFM

model is not by me

and the withereds retexture is by me


wip (that mean is gonna be a bit different when it finished)

model is not owned or made by me

render in EEVEE