kane carter from popgoes

Exclusive extra content for all of my projects: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kanecarter

And here's Stone the Crow! I'll eventually make one of these images for Saffron, when she's revealed!

Follow POPGOES Evergreen here: https://gamejolt.com/games/evergreen/510665

As promised here's a collection of Popgoes renders in the style of the Blake/Sara reveals. Will post one of Stone tomorrow!

The paid expansion for POPGOES Arcade (Popgoes and The Machinist) should be finished soon. Not sure when, because I won't be the one publishing it!

Also making new renders of Popgoes and Stone in the style of the Blake/Sara reveals. Here's one of Popgoes:

You probably weren't expecting this, but I actually have a creator code for Fortnite now... You should definitely use it.

Code: KaneCarter

I'm not kidding, so I have to put #ad here lol. If you use the code you're officially a legend.