Hi im Kitsunechild call me Kits bc yes :))

Age:whats an age?
annoying,very needy (especially when it 
comes to art supplies),alil overdramati
c,abit dumb and stupid
Fear:Frogs🐸🐸🐸(can't stand them)
Favourite food: laksa,mugcakes,sweets(bribe 
me with cakes)
Likes: idk honestly
Favourite song: sun and moon by anees,dan
ce of a bachlor by Panic! At the Disco
Favourite character:Shoto todoroki
Warning to all if you ever steal my art or 
Claim it is yours or even trace it i will
Report you mark my words i will report
I use ibispaint for drawing and no i don't
Use pen i use my fingers

Cool ppl:

@Ava13 -please support her she's so positive and she's such a bright person

@justgamejolting -the person who calls me kit kat/fav person#1

@sikopath -that one friend who is random but sometimes makes sense/fav person#2

@Projektile -good memes

@BroWhyAmIHere -my online muber

@Storm___ - amazing person and her art inspires me to make mine

@1_Bacon_1 - he gives shot guns and he crafts them too go follow him :))

@PipahHEHE -me cousin who also like to draw

@Night_coffee -he's such a good friend go follow them

@TheMixedTape -this guy :DDDDD

Uhhhhh......dunno who to put lol

Oh yea my bday is on 3rd September :3

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hello my child :D



I made this art

kitkat!!! <33

I love your Profile picture. Funny

I just noticed i have 602 follower awwwwww thank you so so much for the support <333333333

Awww a cat♡♡♡♡

Happy Birthday @_a_Dumb_Artist_ !!!!!!

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Ame face r3veal !????