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My name Is Larl Le Cupcake!

I'm bi and Polyamorous [Polyamorous means I love and date multiple people]

I'm a Femboy Cupcake -w-

[Don't bother attacking me for any of those reasons, bc I'll just block you <3]

Btw I am taken, I have three wonderful Partners!

My first partner is: @Gerald_the_boi , he's a wonderful guy, and he's trying to get a bit better at his art.

My second partner is: @SkylerIsEpicXD , Skyis an adorable trans girl (mtf) , and they are really caring, and over all is just a wonderful person.

My third partner is:

@Henry_H_Henry , Henry is a wonderful person and is also really funny, And he is pretty adorable too.

I love all of them and you should give them a follow! :3

I also have a son, His name is @Fleeku, go give him a follow bc he is adorable and deserves tons of love uwu

I sometimes draw stuff, usually in FireAlpaca, But I don't right now because of high-school

I have a switch btw, Here's my Switch Friend Code: SW-5936-5538-6288

I like FNaF, Minecraft, Tf2, Roblox, Terraria, and A Hat In Time

If you were curious, My IRL name is Nikalus

By the way, I like helping my friends and making people happy :]

I also have a secret whisper

I make posts with my secret whisper whenever I'm bored and got nothing else to post so Feel free to send me things!

Don't spam stuff, send among us jokes [I hate them], or Be rude please :]

Feel free to join my Fan community! :>

Thanks for reading! :)

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I'd @ people here but my Bio is getting too long so I can't fit it so I'll just put these posts here instead :]

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Hm. Strange lookin' emoji. Must be a new emoji.

I feel like I've seen you on GameJolt before. You seem super familiar.

Hey sorry for bothering, just asking. Remember MikeShowhost? Yes, he got banned. But he ask that if you can, can you meet him on Fandom?


I'm thinking about returning to my roots

Making fnaf speed edits again

Would yall be alr with that content?

I'll also be drawing again soon (hopefully)

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Should I change my display name to Emo Pussay instead of Emo Cat

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New puppo friend

My cousin and his soon to be wife got a new puppy :>

She's only 4 months old and is named sugi

She's also, believe it or not, a mix beagle and poodle