I'm Male (for the ones who are wondering)

I play games cos I'm godly, what did you expect

BTW don't forget to join the RICARDO MILOS COMMUNITY

The love of my fucking life:


Don't mess with her unless you wanna take that shit up with me first, she's my everything and you mess with her you mess with me

the BOIS:

been homies for IDK how long lol, someone I can google meet with cos they are G O D L Y


my FIRST ever Gamejolt friend, has been there for me since I first started, there will never be a time, that I won't owe this godly person the respect they deserve


Godly, Nuff said (don't forget the fnf master)


one of my longest time friends on this site, it's funny cos we started off hating each other but then we became friends, ever since then, we were buddies, this person right here is the most respected friend I have, they also make awesome art just letting peeps know


BRO, THE GOAT, THE BEST, THE GREATEST, basically near coryxkenshin level, this is the man, who helped me with the WHOLE Ricardo Milos community over like 3 hours and gave the community 11 members, not only that but also was there for me in the funeral of my Minecraft fox, right there is respect, I will bow in your honor


Long time friend, I will never forget the day we met tho it's been over a year, been there for like a while but even then, helped me with my cool oc, I respect them and will cherish them, they are an all-time friend.


just a legend, someone who puts up with my humorable nonsense, plus super-speed will always be better than flying, don't ever forget that


great friend, one of my closest friends on Instagram, and here, follow them or suffer the wrath of my hands


super cool person, like a brother to me, give me a follow


Idk why I didn't put you in my bio earlier, this is one of my longest time friends, I consider them my online sister, super cool person and I am happy to meet them cos they changed my life for the better

Now for my real life homies




aight then, take care of yourselves and WALMART YAGAMI OUT

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I was wondering if you wanted to be friends

Can you be daddy long legs?

Hello my dad

Have fun being used

Light yagami πŸ€ͺ

Does anyone who follow me play dragon ball legends?

I feel like challanging someone

Im tired...

Im thinking about relapsing and Idk What to do...

400+ followers and i still feel empty

Dear Gamejolt

If there are so many people calling your moderation bad or trash your in the wrong here fix your goddamn moderation

No regrets