I guess I’m pretty cool if yknow what I mean, yknow since I’m a Glaceon-

@Amity_Blight420 my amazing sis

@Goodwitch_Luzura (… No comment)

@DRPUG (golden guard one)

@AlitheHedgehog638 (golden guard two)

@WhatsNewb (The owl lady!)

@Alastor1213 (bird worm)

@yosoygus (illusion friend)

@King-of-Demon (fluff demon)

@TankcatSimpOfficial ( one of my best friends)

@PikachuTheHedgehog (my friends On here I’ve had the longest)


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Shout @Lighting_Boy!


Sup edric

My chat won't load qwq

Oh my god she fell for it-

The awesome✨ The fabulous✨ The amazing✨ Edric blight has returned!

Go mittens go!

Pfft the look on your face mittens

Mittens wait we can talk about this!-