Hi I'm Lintman2.0 this is my profile, I use any pronouns so use whatever

I shitpost and post memes no matter offensive or cringe it might be

I suggest you should 13+ or something to be on this profile but I don't really care what you do

I plan to do stuff later

Ok that's it now like my memes or something

Something you should know if I post something with this 🔞 that means it's a NSFW meme well I guess I should say has nsfw elements because the are fake outs

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Hey Lint! I'm taking pokémon requests, so I'm asking you first. Here's the plan:

It's gonna be an evolution (since you're 2.0), so an image the size of a gamejolt pfp

A 16:9 image for the picture (YouTube standard)

Have a nice day!




it's time.

the pfp change challenge has 156 likes. change your pfp

Hello dear followers

Sorry if haven't been active I have been working on something big as of now but that's what have came to say (that will be explained later)

I am leaving for a week


Cute penguin


The one person who can rap to this beat




Finally to microwave my pizza rolls