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Discord: Lioffline#3577

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Seriously underrated spriter right here. And now I'm interested in what you do with this new fangame. Wishing you luck on everything!

Hey can you maybe help me get started in pixal art, and the animation

Hey, I'm collecting animators for two fangames. One is Deltarune related, the other is for a different game.

If you're willing to take part in the animation work, then you could send your Email adress and we can discuss further information.

Please use email only, here's the two links on the games' info:

Hi! How are you? I'm Toby, and I really wanted your help on some of my projects. I'm creating some FNaF fan games, and your art caught my attention. They're amazing! To be honest, I would love to have your support on the team. If you want more details, it would be great to speak with you privately.


Toy party

Classic Muffet i guess


two months without a post

part 2

Lots of characters, huh

The little girl to the right of Muffet is Muffet herself as a child


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