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Shout @LisiastyJaQb!

hey bro

why did you cancel simulation trouble it was my favorite game


hey can i have a demo to the old gamelol emoji


Hi, didn't been here for a long time I just want to say I won't continue the development of Sonic.exe: AM because I'm growing older and won't have much of free time maybe someday I continue this good average fangame, demo will be available, sorry and cya

please ignore the fact I restarted 5 months ago my laptop and for this time I didn't even touched clickteam xD ;-; I hope I still can do "something"

Sad news, my Pc had to be in repair so that means I lost files of abyssal mind so that also means game will be (if I return in developing it) ONCE AGAIN revamped, but for now i leave it as it is, I planning non-exe when my PC returns

Welp, development is suspended for now, because Im in hospital 2 days after scoliosis surgery, sorry guys, a lot of things happening to me + my 18th birthday soon

Similation Trouble is officially cancelled, Im not worthy such brave project, Abyssal Mind will still be in progress, Im still learning. Thanks to everyone who supports me but please... dOnT sPaM mE fRiEnD rEqUeStS. 'w,