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Our physics-based game Robotry! is coming to PC, Xbox & Switch on October 26th!

- Control each limb for a chaotic experience
- Navigate crazy obstacles
- Solo or local co-op!

Please wishlist our game for forever gratitude:

It's Friendship Games Week on Steam AND Couch Co-op sale over on Xbox, and Robotry! is 35% off on both. Plus we just added 4 new PvP game modes! There won't be a better time to get the game than this!

We crossed the 10 user review threshold on Steam and they're all positive, which is the best Christmas present we could wish for. Thanks to everyone who's left us a review!

You'll need a little bit of balance in one of the gem hunt levels. Gem Hunt PvP mode releasing early next year!

Happy holidays everyone 🥰

More grabbable objects ➡️ more chaos. Some nice progress with the gem hunt mode!👑


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