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Fortnite leaker (kinda) on Gamejolt, Minecraft builder, gamer, YouTuber ,possibly future streamer and writer.

(Cooking very well is also one of my skills 🍰)

Header and Pfp made by: @Starvoyager

Secondary profile: @Lonrado_The_Second

(I accept all friend requests and follow everyone back on the secondary profile)

Responsible for the character design of Metamorphosis: @KimberlyPereyra

Creator and writer of Metamorphosis πŸ‘οΈ

My biggest dream is to see people liking, commenting and theorizing my stories.

I love games, series, movies, books, comics, animes and stories of all kinds.

I just really enjoy playing Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, Destiny, Enter the Gungeon, Nintendo, PlayStation and all indie games that get in my way!!! 😁

I also love Middle Earth, Star Wars, Marvel and DC.

I post some Fortnite (and other games) news and leaks.

My favorite game is Undertale/Deltarune..

..and my game with the most hours is Fortnite or Minecraft!

My life mission is to finish the Skylanders collection.

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New event teaser!

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New LeBron skin!

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New Neymar skin!

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New event teaser!

#Fortnite #Leak