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Shout @Lucsan2015!

I wish you the best Lucsan! the best deveploper!

sup,u have a good work,keep it man:D

Do you accept friend requests?

pls put demo 2 to sonic and posigor the lost soul pls

Can you do neverloved.exe? I played sonic cd creepypasta it was amazing so now I will wait for neverloved.exe if not than try to get amy dead sonic CD creepypasta..

To start things off, I will be working on another Sonic creepypasta. This time, it will be a Sonic CD one as I have planed 2 years ago. Once again, it is NOT a Sonic.EXE fangame.

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Finally, @Lucsan2015 played the good ol' creepypasta of Sonic 2!

A Remastered Classic - Sonic 2 Alt. (Remastered Creepypasta)
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I am going to keep reposting those kind of stuff multiple times like this!

Did it again

Almost 1k...