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I feel bad for this man cause apparently people can't read so I'll put it in simple terms for them, IF YOU WANT ART FROM THIS INCREDIBLE ARTIST, YOUR GONNA HAVE TO DO SOMETHING CALLED PAYING THE COMMISSION, NOT ASKING "Oh pwease can you make me art"
Alright have a nice day

can you make me?


hey manu como activo la simetria se que es algo tonto pero de verdad soy nuevo en esto y ya tengo tableta y quiero hacer un tipo logo :,l y mire un tutorial pero es de una version antigua

Accept Please my friend request (art commission)

can u make me plz?

Hello again!

I made Goku in pencil. It's the first time in years that I've done a full pencil drawing

I hope you like it

Hello there!

I invite you to follow @Pokatz . He is a talented artist

Hello there!

Do You like this new style?


I'm taking a little rest, see you soon!