Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile!

I like to draw, make stuff out of beads, and build things out of Lego Bricks.

And my birthday is on the 21st of February.

Here are some links to my YouTube channel and Twitch profile if you want to go check them out: https://youtube.com/channel/UCQYwcFMuHMLytEwWOMrLjLw


I also love to do different types of voices as well, so something like Mario or Luigi for example.

Also, let me know if you want me to do any voice work for your game or something. I'll be glad to do it. And it's completely free for me.

Okey Dokey, I hope you enjoy what I make and do.

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Shout @MarioandLuigiplaysgames17!

You do art requests?


hey um once again another art request
(but not today only on may 26)
(cause thats my b day)
so could you draw me?

hey there sorry if I'm bothering you but I want to know do you want early access for the first demo from one of my games?

Here's something that I'm working on that will only be exclusive to my Deviantart account and a other art account that I have.

And if you are wondering what it is, well it will about my OC named Lily, but now I'm working on her side view.

Here's some art request stuff I did for some of my peeps.

The characters in orders are: @clonemarioakanightmaresonicfan , @CloneLuiginette345cloneluigin , and @FruitloopMonster .

I hope you guys like it!


Here's a little voice acting video that I did really quickly just for fun!

It's me doing all of Mario's menu voice lines from Mario Kart 64.

I hope you guys like it!

Also, the link down below is the same video, but without echos:


Recreating Mario's Menu Voice Lines From Mario Kart 64
This was a video that I've made pretty quickly just for fun.I hope you guys like it!

Here's a picture of Plex908 and Burn ArtyMik9ones battling each other.

This was requested by my dude, @ArtyMik908 .

I hope you guys like it!

Here's a present I've made for @PlushTailsthefox 's birthday today!

Everyone, please go wish her a wonderful birthday!

And lastly from me, Happy Birthday PlushTails, and I hope your birthday will be fantastic!