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Hey...... Thanks for inviting me in blantados Community.... :3

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Add me collabreator in community cars

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Can you help me on my fnf mod? I need some help on the character!

Looks (Top to bottom)

PHASE 1: (Opponent)


Has Green Hair

Has Headphones gagging around neck

Has a green shirt with a black heart in the middle

Has microphone

Has black pants

Has black shoes

PHASE 2: (Opponent)

(I can just adjust the character lol but if I can’t draw this)

make the character annoyed Lol


Two characters. Ok?


Make the girl’s skin red, crying, add wings and make the char flying (also reach out for bf)

Remove microphone


Make him sonic run lol

Make him look like he’s on a hurry lol


(Same characters are last phase lol)

(Added sprites)

(Girl phase 3-4)

Attack (firey sword slash)

(Bf phase 3-4)

Dodge (dodges sword)

the design i made of puss in boots For the friday night funkin xd #fnfmod

I think now I got this animation style

I'm happy mod Bluey pibby :D #fnf #fnfpibby #bluey