Hi! I'm a game developer creating new games for old systems, like the NES and Game Boy!

From Below (NES, 2020) - www.frombelowgame.com

Witch n' Wiz (NES, 2021) - www.witchnwiz.com

I also make a magazine for homebrew videogames:

Retrobrew Magazine - www.retrobrewmag.com

I am currently working on a few projects!

From Below Pocket (Game Boy, ETA Early 2023) - A Game Boy port of my NES game, From Below. Currently finished, and working on physical production. Should be available early 2023.

Witch n' Wiz 16-bit (ETA Mid 2023) - A port of my NES game, Witch n' Wiz, to a 16-bit console... more details soon! But the game is 99% done, and going through final testing now.

Untiled Platformer (NES, ETA Late 2023) - Most of my dev time these days is spent on a new action platformer for the NES, inspired by Zelda 2 & Mega Man & Metroid! Oh my!

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Happy FNaF 3 Anniversary!


Check out the latest updates to my upcoming NES game, Super Sunny World! 🌞

This update brings multiple new gameplay features as well as a first look at the box cover for the physical version of the game! #nesdev



I have lots of physical game releases happening in the coming weeks! These are time-limited releases, so if you want to ensure you don't miss out, take a min to join my mailing list!πŸ’Œ

I only use it for BIG announcements!



This is maybe a little on the technical side, but I've had a few people reach out with questions on how the Moving Platform logic works in Super Sunny World, so I created the brief explanation.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!


Check out the latest recap of development on my brand new NES game, Super Sunny World🌞!

This update brings major perf improvements, and 2 new gameplay mechanics! #nesdev


Today I would usually post my weekly "recap" of Super Sunny World, but the last week or so has been entirely dedicated to performance improvements which are hard to show. The game is running MUCH better, but it still struggles with 5+ enemies on screen.