Keep your energy within yourself, never to let it burn out, never to let it get lost in the crowd of the unloved.

I'm an introverted teenager in a constant search of where my identity in this reality comes from. Trying to find what makes me, "me". And doing my best on expressing complex feelings through video games, which no man on these lands ever felt.

For those who are interested in MBTI and other personality things:

Personality Type - INTJ

Enneagram - 4w5

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whats your dream newbie?

do u wanna join teh pichon server again

An earthquake happened around 30 minutes ago while I was at school. All students got evacuated afterwards. It wasn't violent though. Probably around 2 or 3.

Color theory is for nerds. Too bad I'm a big nerd.


Wait you found a Karter as well? No way!


Wow it must be your lucky day! You found an Onzo!





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