I'm currently working on Nonebit. Please check it out!

Keep your energy within yourself, never to let it burn out, never to let it get lost in the crowd of the unloved.

I'm an introverted teenager who enjoys making games and has dreams that won't come true. I love playing the piano, working on my games and doing sketches.

For those who are interested in MBTI and other personality things:

Personality Type - INTJ

Enneagram - 4w5

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Shout @Misticloud!

whats your dream newbie?

do u wanna join teh pichon server again



No way


Does anyone know the password? Found this strange app on an old C64 that my neighbour gave me but I couldn't figure out the password.

I'm at a restaurant rn and there's people listening to live music, smoking and drinking all around me but I'm just here like sitting and trying to figure out Megamind's personality type. Damn.

I figured it out tho. He's an ENTP.


I added more items to the game. But these aren't the last items added. I'm planning to add way more items with unique abilities for each. And I'm considering adding a weapon upgrading system aswell.


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