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F R I E N D ! ! !

I would LOVE to welcome you to my account! My name is Mr. Sus, which you can also call me Insaneer (used to be my old name) if you'd like! I won't reveal my real name until I reach 1,000 followers, so yeah. So, let me give you info about me onto your hand:

Hi, I am Mr. Sus!

I am a Pianist

I am a minor

My favorite colors are Periwinkle, Purple, and Blue.
My favorite food is Enchiladas.
My favorite thing to do is writing.
What I want to be when I'm older is an author.
I have two siblings IRL.
My age is... all I'll say is I won't reveal this until I reach 2,500 followers (which has a chance of NEVER happening).
My favorite games are Terraria, Minecraft, Mario Maker, Roblox, and Splatoon.
I love Math and Writing (I am VERY smart at those).
I hate Reading and American history (I SUCK at those).

Top 6 favorite friends: @Tristanlagreato , @THE_INFINIVERSUM , @candle-angle_184 , @Mr_rad, and @BIG_SHOT , @grantjamima (might add more).

Top 5 friends who completely changed my life: @Neko_The_kitty11 (basically one of my besties), @Fleeku, @zeke__ , @Joshua-1223-5 , and @Henry_H_Henry .

My BESTEST friends ever: @CS__ , @Neko_The_kitty11 , @LunaTheFoxWolf , @bella__ , and @_a_Dumb_Artist_ , @CircleBox , @MikeShowhost (might add more).

My BESTEST friend of all time: @Febreeze_gaming.

Might add more!
Am wishing you an amazing day and a great week, like you deserve.

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I know your never gonna get this..But if you do...Hello! If you remember who I am..I think I was like jacks studios or kyle jackson?? Idk i've been through alot of phases..Welp, If you ever read this..I hope your better and we can talk ryanorsmth#4568

-Ryan (aka kyle jackson or smth)

U were a good man i know you will come back


Hey MrSus do we know each other?

Please come back... I miss you so much......

Hello There. I hope you all are happy and having a GREAT DAY!!! I hope. Well make sure to be careful out there, Don't Get Sick.. Please.

No, I'm not back.

Had to come on for reasons-

No, I'm not back. I am just here to check this shitty drama.

Just came back for something urgent. Now goodbye. Cya in 8 - never days. Bye.


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