Game developer, Megaman lover and horror enthusiast.
Creator of IMSCARED | FIREWORK | A Day | Mirror Layers (made with @RevoLab ).

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Shout @MyMadnessWorks!

thanks for making such awesome games!

I love your games dude!

you kinda look like gaster


it is cool to see a creator respond to his fans

Hey folks, long time no see :D

Memorial Pillage has been selected as a finalist for Game Maker Awards 2022!
You can vote for Pillage here ("Best GX games" category):…

Help out Randall and Leigh, would you?


Almost done polishing a new free game... This one's called Ecstatic Beats!

Hope you like the sneak peek, see you on May 7th -|-----


I'm making a Megaman X fangame in my spare time! The thing also supports online co-op and I'm pretty happy with it so far

Mirror Layers - ESCAPE ROOM Prologue is out!

Get it here:

Take a seat & have fun! I'm going to get some sleep, now...

Uh... What should I do?

...But for real, you're all invited to join us in "Mirror Layers - ESCAPE ROOM Prologue"!

This small demo will be out tomorrow, it's a special Standalone prologue. Don't miss it!

(developed with @RevoLab )