An artist dork. That's really all there is to it!

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your art is frickin amazing

holy shit you have a gamejolt nikki?

Happy Spawn Day :D
I love your art you're amazing

Hi guys! I've been having some SEVERE digimon brainrot recently so here's part 1 of a set of Digimon-related art (Though the first two in this set are from 2020)!

These are for a personal project I've worked on since 2014 (The Digicrest Project).

The other part of my Digimon art posting!

Names are: Oleksander (Courage), Sylvestra (Friendship), Celio (Knowledge), Jacek (Sincerity), Nika (Hope), Nikki (Light), James (Reliability) and Jasmine (Heart/Soul - fanmade). Name similarities are on purpose!

Hey guys! Here's a couple new sketches of Funkin' Charged!BF. The first is a refresher as I hadn't drawn him in a little while, and the second is of a little something that's part of the Positive Charge side of the project:

M a y h e m M o d e .

A follow-up piece to Cherry and Clover (Link to them here -ā€¦) - This guy is Prince Darach, my Waluigi/Rosalina fankid!

Yes, he's missing an arm, dwbi. Still coming up with some kind of backstory for that one.

Hey guys! Have Steven Universe (Classic, Movie, Future) in an FNF style! C:

I heard that there wasn't much in the way of a normal SU-related sprite, so this is just a concept of how that may look - this is also to catch y'all up on what I've been up to.