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Shout @NotSoDevyJolt!

Happy New Year NotsoDevy!!

Happy new year, NotSoDevy! I hope the sonic 3 fatal error comes out!

Happy holiday and new year to you NotSoDevy

Happy Spawn Day

Happy Spawn day!

FNF: Childhood Memories - Teaser Trailer
COMING SOON IN 2023!Everything you see in the trailer may not represent the final product.Follow on GameJolt:

I released a new game. This was supposed to be released under a collection (which never did), so I am putting it here. Go play:

Friendship - A Sonic 2 Creepypasta (Rewritten) - Teaser Trailer
Follow the game: used in the trailer:

Sneak peek of the second stage.

Sneak peek of the first stage. Keep in mind the layout is NOT final, and it may change.