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Shout @Offical50002!

Hello, I am sending an alert about a member of GoldCodeX known as Quincy, Send me a dm if you want more detail --8Bit--#8471

nickbear.....we need to cook...

Please Play my game and then Send to YT!!

Hello NickBear

Come Join around in the Official QnA Fireside at The GoldCodeX Community

Okay. I'm gonna be honest here.
For Some People who joined the community.
If you're not a part of the team
please. don't put "Member of GoldCodeX" in your name.

So Many Familiar things...

Do you recognize any of this? After all... You created it.... (Go Check out Luigikid's Video on SonicAllStars.EXE Remastered. It's Pretty Poggers)


Well. Sorry for the Unexpected News. but.
Me and a Friend have decided to bring Dark Corruption back (It used to be Evil Corruption. but I changed the name for a reason) but all tho I am looking for some voice actors. (also no. I'm not begging) so....yeah