I'm the owner of the metal band Metal Scorn and Metal Scorn productions. My YouTube channel has 15 hundred subscribers so if you want to see some upcoming stuff make sure to subscribe. https://youtube.com/@Papa_Raziel

Developer of game called DreamBorne which is being made right now I'm the owner of a small gaming and music group called Metal Scorn productions.

I'm a Metal vocalist that wants nothing more than to make music and videos on YouTube. I love to make music and art and I love to play video games.

Art requests are open.

Jesse, I'm the Breaking Bad meme lord.

Professional Baby punter. Contact me if you have a baby that needs to get punted through a field goal👍

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Your metal memes are awesome!!

About me

@CROS here is what my friend taught me to make with his 3d printer. It's a glow in the dark Lùcio figure and keychain. My friend posted this picture on Reddit about an hour ago. It took a few hours to make it last night we worked on getting it's design.

I'm making a website on GitHub and looking for some people who want to help make it. Read article for information.

Sometime this week probably Wednesday I should receive the pink breaking bad bear Youtooz then sometime mid February I should be getting the heisenburg Youtooz figure.

I like how the guy in the back is just smiling and watching him.