Game developer, 2d artist and 3d modeller.

Currently working on: The Salvaged's Uprising and Research at Freddy's: Remake.

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Hey @Pelusathedeveloper . Youtuber "Mr Pink Eyes" decompiled your Project Salvaged Demo game and made this not-so-good video without your permission. Here is the video:
The Rise of the Salvaged Demo All Jumpscares (Dump)

Can you read my most recent message in the friends chat that I sent to you?

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Contest got my attention, I didn't want to be out XD, here's my OC ref sheet

To clarify: I'm NOT a gal, my OC is inspired in my pet bunny, Pelusita (which was a she), who died on 2019 (this also explains why she has wings and a halo)


Calling all Social Butterflies, the team needs your help more than ever!

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Well done Social Butterflies, we have passed to the next round, keep doing those quests and earning points so we can reach the finale!!!


Man, I feel bad for everyone who worked with XylerGuy, even more for those who were unaware of this disgusting stuff:…

Oh man, what has the FNaF community become 💀???, there's not even a single day without any kind of controversy...

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