Game developer, 2d artist and 3d modeller, I speak both english and spanish.

Currently working on: The Salvaged's Uprising and Research at Freddy's (Remake).

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Hey there! Thanks for the like on my post!

Hey paluza can you please follow me

You're welcome for the support ! And yes, I enjoy the stickers ! ^U ^

Hi paluza can you please give me tips or follow me i have a broken thumb

Hi pelusa may u please follow me

Okay so, after all these days, it's finally done!

I have the pleasure of introducing... my official creator stickers pack, featuring some of my OC's!

Wanna get these ones? just place charged stickers on any of my posts and you'll get some of these!

Once again, I helped @OA3Games with his creator stickers pack!

It was definitely fun working on them

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Okay so, yesterday both the official poster and the teaser trailer for the FNaF movie were released

Ngl, I personally enjoyed the teaser trailer, however, I wasn't so convinced by the poster, so I edited it

Idk what you guys think, but I liked this result

I almost forgot to mention it but

I ABSOLUTELY loved the Mario movie

It's literally a love letter to the saga, having many references to it (which I got right away btw), and also having a really cool plot

If you haven't watched it, you should!

In a while I'm gonna go watch the Super Mario Bros. movie

And if you wonder, yes, I haven't watched it before

I'm so excited for this right now