I'm Peripherals, but you can call me Peri

I'm a dude who likes FNaF a lot

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Religion: why would you care

Hotel: Trivago

I am heterosexual or as the cool kids say, straight

my birthday is on February 3rd

I am not F4F

Pfp is from TRTF FIND ME

banner is from TRTF FIND ME

idk what else to put here but please remember to not add me to group chats without permission, worst case scenario I'll block you


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End bio

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can fredbear plush group and alpha kitty group be allies

Happy Spawn Day, Bud!

happy spawn day,,

Happy 2nd spawnday!!!

do you know timer at baldi's basics? (the fnaf one)



I've just realized now I'm a pretty big sucker for bossfights in video games

Most of my game ideas have at least one or two epic boss fights shoed in no matter what genre I'm brainstorming in

Final change, nobody has done FIND ME so

TRTF Desolation was already done by somebody else so now I am Secret Revealer



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