I love playing challenging fangames. I am working on my fangames, although I only work one one fangame at a specific time. I finally have a YouTube Channel, so if anyone would like to subscribe, they can do that. I sprite very similarly to my good friend @LZ303 and he also helps me out with sprites on some occasions. But still, he's a guy that I think y'all should follow and support.

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0p2vEEWtuDn-tUJEzVMkw

Here are some People I think you should follow, as they're amazing and talented people!

















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happy spawn day


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sup bruh, I'm seeing that you have many games in progress, so I want to help you with it, my discord: ๖ۣۜζ͜͡Smll 既存#9434

hi we are looking for coders for mm underswap our take on underswap help would be appreciated so please help to apply you don't have to do anything but please join the community

Hey guys, it's been around a month since I posted anything here. Don't worry, this fangame is far from dead. I'm actually developing each and every character within this AU! But today, I wanted to show you all a WIP. Feel free to give feedbackl!

Today is SwapDust: Armageddon's Anniversary, and I have gotten back into working on attempting to revamp the official sprites! I can imagine that there are questions regarding this fangame, so I will try to answer a few of them in the article below.

Today is my spawn day! Time goes by way faster than I thought that it would... I may or may not be finishing up on the official MTT: GM Phase 1 sprites today... #spawnday

Sans' sprite sheet is done! Here's a little fun fact: Sans drinks Mayonnaise instead of ketchup. Either way, feel free to give feedback on this sprite sheet!

Official Eradicational Chaos Sans sprite! Sprite sheet is being worked on at the moment, but feel free to give feedback! This project has actually been my top priority, but Mad Time Trio: Genocidal Memories is catching up with it having the most views.