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Shout @PhantronGames!

Stickmaniart#9560 if you want a concept artist

phantron moment

funny name:

Da fastbear personality

how are you going to make this work, will there be fan made characters, or official characters

Hello, can you give me your Discord? By the way, your link of your channel doesn't working

Join the discord server to hang out with the community, I will also be (probably) most active there. I will also be posting some exclusive stuff there!

Discord server:

POV: You check out @TheBiohazardKing new YouTube live stream and then subscribe to him for a free cookie!

FNaF Fan Games || Five Nights at Freddy's (Live Stream)
Join this channel to get access to perks: you want to support the channel monetarily (it is no...

If we get @Vlad876 to 250+ followers by the end of the week, I will post Fazbear Facility gameplay screenshots! (including Vlad's work that will be in the game)

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