Just a friendly gamer with a particular taste in Nintendo (especially Pokémon and Smash Bros.)

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Profile Icon: @Minicher (also one my best friends irl; and check out his stuff, makes good pixel art)


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It’s-a me, Mario!

I drew him a while back when I decided to attempt drawing every playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster. I also have another fighter in the works too (feel free to guess who). I’m actually really proud of this one.

Introducing my own Eeveelution. The Sky Pokémon, Soreon! (Ignore the random Spanish around it, this was originally made for a Spanish assignment last school year.) I was thinking, would you guys be interested in me “remastering” Soreon? Let me know. :D

Heya! So my friend @Minicher offered to make me a profile icon for me, and I of course said sure (though he left it a surprise on what it was until he finished). I just got it last night and just made the switch today. Go check his stuff out. It’s great!

So a little while ago, I decided to draw sketches of Pikachu. This is my first ever post, and I wanted it to be something Pikachu related. So I’m curious what others think of it, so feel free to share your opinions.