Art requests are open my dudes : https://gamejolt.com/p/okay-so-uh-suffering-from-art-block-a-a-so-um-drop-some-art-reques-5krpf73v

Matching pfps duo are back!! @DumbSimp (they're my alt but no one can stop me from calling myself a duo)

"Everyone got their own talents. So don't let your star hidden! This is your moment to shine, so let it shine in you. Show the world what you're made of!"

"Sleep schedule what's that?"

"I have stolen your Michael, @DumbSimp . Don't come and get him >:("


Your local Malaysian who mostly post about a very kid-friendly owl show

also a Luz kin

hi just wanna say idm if u call me by these 3 names

  • Pikachu

  • T

  • Luz

    Why hello there! You're just in time for the show. My name is T and i will be your guide today!

I'm just a normal user here who make arts and crap. Nothing special :P

I also do gacha content sometimes. Yeah. Got a problem?

My pronouns are she/they!

Asexual and Demiromantic?

Where am I from? Earth of course! Where do you think i'm from, Mars?

Oo well this is a fun question! What fandoms am i in?

1.Sonic The Hedgehog


3.The Owl House (Move aside Sonic and Pokemon, TOH is my favourite fandom right now)

And here are my dear friends. Say hello and please give them a follow!

@DumbSimp are u alive


@Bill_From_IT / @Lighting_Boy

















@8-bitEclipse (So long, buddy...





Oh look! My dumb OCs (in order maybe-)

Pikachu The Hedgehog (main gal :3)

Flare The Fox

Fiona The Fox

Nebula The Hedgehog

Frost The Wolf

Moon The Tiger (Not confirmed yet)

Bintang The Tiger (Not confirmed yet)

Kyle The Fox

Bloom The Seedrian

Luke the dog (maybe?)

(And 2 more that i still haven't confirm their name yet)
Looks like we're at the end of the bio. Thanks for sticking around and take care!






You still here?






..you can go now.








okay let me tell ya something.








What you expected a secret message? Get real.

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the mpeg community is here and needs your suport champion


I'm sorry about your sugar glider.

May they rest in peace.

holy hell ur still active

I know this is a sudden but


Heavily inspired by @Al_creativelylazy ’s character sheet !

I hope you don’t mind ^^”


Improvement over the years woa

also finally a fusion design that I’m happy about

Her <3

Pikachu reference sheet probs coming out after my hiatus

She’s getting a reference sheet finally after 2-3 years