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Honestly, I'm just an average human being with no silver lining or anything if interest. I'm quite like you, actually. Just another kid on the internet trying to make a name for himself.

I am roughly 15 years of age.


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@Yeah_man20 Real-life friend, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here.

@chloe__ Fellow Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance fan.

@KoolCirby Kool cirby gaeming

@ChimeW Drew me but cooler.

@-ComX_Animations- A very talented (And underrated) artist. The mastermind behind my PFP.

@berowdee The worlds most epic lizard

@Noah-Floofster Best goat on Game Jolt

@NoahReal The realest of the Noahs.

@DarkLeftBonnie Wonderful artist, totally worth a follow.

@MemesFunny Hints his name.

@VaporWaveThe_Synth ”1v1 me on KP”

@Not_nonsenseicecube friend of mine, make sure to check out their YT channel too.

@DaylenTvGaming The best (bisexual) deer on the site.

(Alongside his bro @Identypical, of course)

@BeardedMuscle The Giga Chad of Game Jolt.

@KillaCyst one of my personal favorites when it comes to GJ Creators, he’s always got something new to post.

@computerkid237 IRL friend. He’s wonderful to hang out with and I may publish a post or two about the little endeavors we have together.

… this list is still growing.


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I make my own memes pretty often now, but rarely put my watermark in them. (low effort memes don’t deserve watermarks)

Projectile’s Philosophy: “Jokes are never meant to be taken seriously. Especially not mine.”

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i remember you

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I am the one who knocks

Hi, I like call of duty zombies and do you like it??


The Chess devs are so lazy bro, we haven't gotten an update since it dropped back in the 6th century 💀


Ooohkay I'm back from my piss break here's a picture of something I'm working on for digital art

It's time for me to retire

I'm feeling tired

I embrace the void!

Sometimes I wonder if there's more to life than getting an education and becoming a productive member of society, then I punch myself in the nose.