Honestly, Im just an average human being with no silver lining or anything interesting. I’m quite literally just a side character, I’m straight and male.

The official Game Jolt Speedrunner and Molecular Hivemind of Memes.

“I’m not the main character, but hell, I ain’t gonna die here!”

I am roughly 14 years of age.


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@Yeah_man20 Real-life friend, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here.

@Henry_H_Henry Very funny man

@dead_tincans Made a meme about me. :)

@chloe__ Fellow Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance fan.

@KoolCirby Kool cirby gaeming

@ChimeW Drew me but cooler.

@-ComX_Animations- Made epic fanart.

@berowdee The worlds most epic lizard

… this list is still growing.


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I make my own memes pretty often now, but rarely put my watermark in them. (low effort memes don’t deserve watermarks)

Projectile’s Philosophy: “Jokes are never meant to be taken seriously. Especially not mine.”

Profile art is by @CircleBox go follow him now.

Banner art is by @Real_LeGabe follow him too.

(I’m not a furry. Imma just make that clear because people will say otherwise, but they are wrong)

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I posted "I don't like terraria tbh" in the terraria community

Your a femboi aren't you

Whwres 1Million likes

@KoolCirby snapping FIRE?!?!

Stumble Guys OST (1 hour loop)

Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 threatens 😳with bombing 💣

Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 uberzait 😳 nam bambordeloke 💣


Keep this in mind the next time you receive a call from your mother