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Shout @PseudoZap!

Bro, your game looks so nice and cool I can't wait for the release, definently gonna check it out

Hey since you know how to use gamemaker do you know how to use it to make fnaf but 2d in gamemaker

@gamejolt @cros VERIFY THIS GUY

I am also working on my Game 2D animation project (I am very new) Your animations are at a professional level. What app do you use to create such wonders? What do you recommend? PS: I'm going to start following you and supporting you in all your advances. They are all super cool.

your extremely talented!


Trying out the new bounce attack. Join our discord to play the closed beta before it closes!


Think you can take this mobster? Less than a week to participate in the closed beta. Join our discord to play!


Getting hopped up on beet broth before a fight really helps with.. uh.. recovery


!! Only 2 weeks left to help beta test the demo !!

Join here:




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