Cosplayer and cosplay photographer from Ukraine,Kiev since 2009. I’ve done more than 1000 cosplay photoshoots. As I travel a lot, I get a chance to shoot cosplayers from whole the world. On the conventions I hold workshops about photography and editing :3

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Welcome to gamejolt

Welcome to game jolt

Welcome to Game Jolt! <3

Genshin Impact, Signora cosplay by Pugoffka, photo by Akane #cosplay

Nier Automata, cosplay by HibariRin, photo by Pugoffka

Bayonetta cosplay by Pugoffka, photo by JustMoolti #cosplay

Misty cosplay by DariaHime, photo by Pugoffka #cosplay

White cosplay by Ichizygaming, photo by Pugoffka #cosplay