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Sophia's FA. Hope you guys like it!

Hey guys, I am looking for some collaborators to compose some music for our character background story. Here's our game universe

60-90 secs... I wanted to tell their story purely with music and images only.

RedShield Games Trailer

Gameflow Intro - Episode 1

Character Management:

We are making a series of gameflow video to visualize our game ideas and make it easier to community to participate in our development journey. Ideas and comments please! :) Thanks

RedShield Games Tutorial – Character Management (Not actual in-game graphics!)
Presenting our first Game Flow video, the character Management Tutorial! Stay tuned for more gameplay announcements, artwork previews, and tokenomics details...

Here's some updates to Sophia.

We are currently looking for games developer to join our team! Looking for developer that have experience or willing to learn PlayCanvas.

Kindly ping me if there's anyone interested to join our team!

Sophia - An orphans that got tired of hiding behind closet in fear and decided to pick up the swords to fight for her own destiny.

Join our website & discord to follow our progress if you like the project: