I'm self explanatory

I also only accept Friend Requests from family and people I've known for a while

I do not take Art Requests, sorry dudes, I'm a very busy Raccoon hybrid yknow

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Shout @Raccoonicorn!

Do you like D&D

hey love what you draw me back then raccoonicorn! ^w^


Bro is cursed πŸ’€πŸ’€



happy spawn day (its still technically ur spawn day)


Just received my Gluten Free Pop tarts in the mail today!!! will I finally be able to enjoy the delicious toaster pastry I've been craving for so many years again? ( Tbh I rather doubt it XD )

don't let this cuddly bear fool you, He's dangerous!

Tonight's dish Philly cheesesteaks!. sliced beef with sauteed bell peppers for flavor, topped with American cheese and buttered GF ciabatta's

For Gluten free it was incredibly delicious :3


it took a surprising amount of work but, now my avatar is Cross Platform! so Cool!

Lol every time I turn on my phone I have Halloumi judging me