Welcome to my page!

I am an artist who works mostly in 3d in my spare time. I also mess around with 2d drawings in my spare spare time! I've always loved video games! And have always wanted to make my own!

Right now I am working solo to develop my first game in UE4. A horror game called Innocent Terrors!

A 3rd person horror game where your childhood fears come to life at night, and try to kill the neighborhood kids for their innocence. You'll have to build forts, hide, eat candy, and set traps to survive

Its been a fun (and frustrating) learning experience so far, and I really hope it turns out to be fun to play too

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Shout @RageChik!

Hi. My name is Noah and I am the lead project manager for the development team LightShed Studios. We make fnaf fangames and we're currently working on a project in Unreal Engine. If you know how to model or develop, we would want you on our team! Thank you

Do you have a discord? I want to ask you something.

Props - Kid's bedside table

An old pic. Made it just for fun :)

Locker model/prop

Sketches for the school level


The trap now does something!
Slows down monster for now, might change it

But feels good to add in gameplay


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