they/it Lesbian, demisexual, and demiromantic. I am mainly a horror game fan but mostly play fnaf fan games. I play overwatch and am a flex player on their but my main character is Hanzo i also play gacha club and minecraft.


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would yall want me to introduce my other ocs?

i just thought I would share my lolbit design. For my AU lolbit uses they/them as pronouns. Anyone you would like me to make? I've made many others if you say one of them I'll tell you.

Ok i know ive already asked this but its super important to me, i've had an idea for a fnaf fan game for years and i really wanna start working on it but i need help, i need like tips to help me get started, for reference i use unreal engine 4.

does anyone have any tips on getting started on making a fnaf fan game? I've had an idea for some years now and i got an engine to work with but idk where to start with it. BTW i got unreal engine.