We are a Muslim account that makes Indie/Fan games (owed by Me and @Phage22194 ).

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Business Email: imranrasuli234@gmail.com

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hello mate

Hey I have a question for you , do you know a lot cartoon show and video games and actors like Norman reedus , The loud house , Samurai jack , Spongebob , Danny Phantom , Timmy turner , Jimmy Neutron , my life as a teenage robot , Little nightmares , Iron man , Hulk , Mighty magiswords , Batman , Spawn , Invaders zims , helluva boss , Mickey mouse , Donald duck , goofy , The amazing world of gumball , Mario , halo , Psychonauts, Metal Gear Solid and many more And even Youtubers like Superhorrorbro , 8 bitryan , Act man , Dagames , Markiplier , DanTdm , Dream , Mr beast , and Pewdiepie

hey can i help with ur game with my ideas pls i can help with the story and new characters

So I've opened commissions. you can either dm on Twitter or on Discord


wow it's been 8 YEARS

So heres some new stuff! (look in the page)

News will be out soon I promise

A Hsookrm