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Discord: Roxanne Wolf#2875

I'm Roxanne Wolf, also known as Roxy, and sometimes Rox

I'm a Horror fanatic

I can be inappropriate at times, but that's just me

My birthday is on October 20th

I can speak Spanish, Nunca te rendiré, nunca te defraudaré, nunca correré y te abandonaré, nunca te haré llorar, nunca te diré adiós, te mentiré y te lastimaré.

I'm very nice if you're nice

Don't try to hit on me, in case you're a dumbass and don't know what boyfriend means, I'll dumb it down for you, I'm taken

Fav Drink: Anything alcoholic

Fav Food: Taco

Fav Holiday: Halloween

Fav Band: Hollywood Undead

Fav Color: Green

Fav Movie: Scream

Fav TV Show: Scream MTV Series

Fav Ghostface: Jill Roberts

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oh i have no arms-

you can change your pfp;)

Happy Early Halloween!

Ya know your a great bestie ^^

STOP BULLING MY FRIEND , @Psst_hi_im_screech_as_a_human

Hello everyone my name is Roxanne Wolf but my friends call me Roxy. I love my new boyfriend, @S_Skeleton , Ik It's surprising!

Thank you guys so much!

A bit of Scream 6 written by me

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