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You've got a nice Pokemon game in the making, I really hope Nintendo doesn't literally delete it off the face of the earth when they find it lol

Looks Good



Dolflip is a friendly Dolphin Fakemon that shoots water from its blowhole when it's happy.

Will you choose Dolflip as your Starter?

Boaboil is a quirky Snake Fakemon that uses its fiery tongue to sense its surroundings.

Will you choose Boaboil as your Starter?

Urumim is an energetic Monkey Fakemon that is always playing tricks and shooting seeds.

Will you choose Urumim as your Starter?

The Water Fakemon Starter, Dolflip!

Dolphin Fakemon

Water type

Dolflip's blowhole is its weak spot, so it keeps it covered with a seed. Shooting water from it, the seed can be used as a weapon.

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The Fire Starter, Boaboil!

Snake Fakemon


Ability: Blaze

Boaboil absorbs heat through its horns. The more heat it takes, the bigger its fire ball gets. It throws the ball on its enemies to attack.

See more on my instagram: www.instagram.com/ruanrafael.art/