well let's start hello
gentlemen and girls
Well, it's time to tell about yourself

I'm from Russia so my English is...
50/50 but that doesn't stop me from chatting with my friends

I also voice games

these are not all my friends
@GigaVNX bro I say right away your hands are magic!

so much work and so much I've already died from it ;-; but in you I see the most hated that the stubbornness of the creator

so I hold a glass to your health

@Furrybunnie2000 Well, here my words will be superfluous, although no, I’ll say the ideal artist in my eyes, even if they run around you or say nasty things about your drawings, you don’t listen to them, you do what you want, you shouldn’t reproach yourself for what THEY think, THEY think the way they want, and you? you are amazing! fnf or something else fnaf here as I said, you can’t get by with words, you need a verse, my eyes see only the good in a person and throw out the bad

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Shout @SVirus_Prototype3!

I know where you live bud/j?

scene kid toy bonnie


Thx for the follow!

hello there i like your posts.

i've made "L dipsy meme" too powerful

hear me...

I won't... forgive you for this.

SVoP has a new ability to infect Autobots... nice

Red color