Im a plant girl whos always neutral because most of my friends are ok-ish


im a proud transgender (MtF)


Ask for permission to use my characters
I created Back to freddy's

Cool people ya should follow:


idk... storys or some shit (owner of skroogie)

@Captain_Galaxy my best fren >:D

@Applejack233 the nicest best friend :>

@GeorgeWKush remix lover, novel lover, creator of Mr. Snicker

@ParadoxTeam code go brrrrrrrrrrr, good friend

@HelloWorld1_8f84 is annoying but is cool

@_a_Dumb_Artist_ art and who inspired me to make bloody

good friend an m e m e s

@Maglor_El_Mago cool person

@MaxAnimationsStudios rarely on but he is cool

@jamie_rathmor1233 cool guy :>

@grantjamima yes

@Pake_Official Wiki Expertise.... i can say that cuz he's the only one who i know that makes wiki pages.... o and he's a good friend and supportiveee

@WinterComoPlayz even tho he's been through drama ;-; (on discord)

he seems really nice

@OxanityTheOffical haha poggers

@Manuegames very cool

*more added soon*

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Shout @Sarophi!

Trying to get your attention

700th follower

Hello Mom

BOO, im still alive

you unfriended me because i was being mean to a person- dang

New Pinned post i guess (Temporarily pinned- gonna make a new one with almost every oc i have)





heads up im not gonna be on today at all)) punishment for smth rtghnjkrijtgokylg;f