A very experienced game-developer, 3D artist, and graphic designer that uses Blender, Adobe, and Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I also do way more with technology that you can see below! :)

Most well-known for "Welcome to Freddyland" and "Five Nights at Pj's".

I'm also an OG FNaF veteran! I've been playing the games since August 14, 2014; as well as playing Cawthon's other games even before that.

What do I use for game development and software design?

I mainly use Clickteam Fusion for my games. I've used many other platforms beforehand though! Such as Roblox, Construct, Scratch, a bit of Unity (but I preferred Clickteam over it), and an Android phone game engine.

How long have I been making games and software on the computer?

I've been making games and software since 2015. I went to a high-end videogame creation campus for two years (2015 & 2016) to learn about Construct and how to get the basics of code. That's where I also created the first version of the first ever game that I made, "Legend of The Hamburger". Then soon after, I made a story-based rpg using the same engine. (See more about the creation of Legend of The Hamburger in the "All Games" section of the website) Then in 2017 is when I made my first (now-long deleted) scratch account. The rest is history.

What else have I used besides tools for game development?

I have also used many other platforms apart from game development. I have used all sorts of Adobe applications countless times for my graphic design job, with some including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator! I have also used almost-if not all of the Google products, such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and forms.

Where can I see your work outside of this specific website?

You can see all of my work here at zimmermangames.weebly.com!

Currently working on:

Also find me on:

Itch: scottzimmerman.itch.io

Twitter: Zimmerman Games (@rscottzimmerman)

Website: Zimmerman Games

YouTube: Scott Zimmerman

Scratch (Moved on-from): realscottzimmerman

Roblox (Moved on-from): Zimmblox

Original (Now-Abandoned) Account:


For contact reasons, it is recommended to use shouts. It will not be a 100% guarantee that I will respond, but I will try my best to!

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Will the game have cameras?

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🎡🤡 'Welcome to Freddyland' has gotten a massive upgrade in its overall direction, quality, and game page! 🤡🎡
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It's my birthday! 🥳🎂

In celebration, I made the OFFICIAL Welcome to Freddyland poster. Enjoy! ;)

You can get the full quality image with the link in the article below.

🎊🎉'Welcome to Freddyland' has just hit 2,000 FOLLOWERS!🎉🎊

Thank you to everyone who supported the game, myself, and the team! I will reveal that I'll post something which I think is my favorite piece of media for the game on Sunday. Stay Tuned!

Jeez... FIRST we got the movie trailer, THEN the upcoming RUIN trailer, now (basically) the trailer for FNAF 10. May of 2023 has been the best month for FNaF pretty much ever.

The trailer is amazing! I remember when the movie was announced 8 years ago, and waiting all this while was totally worth it in the long run!

If you want to see my honest heartfelt reaction to it, check the article.

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