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You only need 3 more followers by the time your seeing this you will probably already have 1000 followers

You should do a Terraria Clicker Class Mod stream. It's a pretty nice mod.

Boo did I get you? Btw its @Henry_emilyyy

Dropped my official FALL GUYS TIER LIST

See the video and the tierlist here:

Fall Guys Tier List
I took the time and ranked EVERY GAME within Fall Guys, creating a tier list.Up-To-Date as of July 6 2022Join the Discord:

Senator Armstrong vs Fall Guys

Just a reminder to keep posts in the Terraria Channel ABOUT TERRARIA


You can watch the FULL VIDEO HERE!

I REMADE the WORST GAME in Fall Guys
I took the time to come up with TWO Redesign Options for what I believe is the WORST MAP in Fall Guys.Well the worst one that can be saved. SUM Fruit can't b...

To Celebrate #twoyearsoffalling

I will be streaming Fall Guys TODAY on YT at 5pm EST

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