I'm an indie game dev and a CGI artist. I aim to make free to play games of quality. I'll make horror games and other genres. All my original games will be set to "Pay what you want", which means you can pay $0. Else, if you want to thank me, pay a little something of your choosing. My games won't have ads in them, we all know it is very annoying. I will only rely on donations and my jobs as a freelancer.

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YouTube: youtube.com/SebSha0

Fiverr: fiverr.com/sebsha

Donate: paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=CL5C7Y8VUF84S

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I hope ur laptop fixes cuz my broke yesterday

Light your fireside m8

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm hurting and it hinders my productivity.

Hey guys, would you like it if I was to show and tell more random stuff?

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The bedframe felt lonely so I made it a mattress! #BATIM #FanArt

So I'm mostly using open-source programs, I've been trying GNU/Linux for a bit and alternatives to the proprietary softwares that I use. Although there are already few that I have, such as Unity engine, I will eventually switch.

Our lil bunny died ;-;



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