The most thing popular about myself is

  • I Like to become a streamer one of these

    Days when I stop living with my parents

  • I also do not like. Very mean people who are

    So aggressive & rude to Nice Game streamers.

  • I also have a favorite company in common

    2 of them one is sega & the other is microsoft.

  • I also am a bigg fan of sonic the hedgehog.

  • & my age is 16

  • I also love emulation & gaming

    On old & New hardware.

  • I hope of becoming a developer to creating a perfect Fan - Game one

    Of these days when I find a perfect

    Place for me to stay.

  • & I also am very shy.

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Shout @Sega-Heroes-2000!

Can you add the each channels about other sega cd games other than sonic ? In the sega CD community

In sega Genesis community I need ur help added each channel about every sega genesis games other than sonic


This is another one of the vectormanE3 clips I found,

It also was interesting as usual.

Tell what you all think in the Comments Below what you like about this game.

this fanart sequel to Jet set radio future for the Xbox one & Series X & S, The whole fanart was Only made by Me (honestly true).

& also same question for Shadow.

So this is a heads up question

Or Idea Maybe oso please Read in the articles Below first.

Well... These joke's should brighten things up a bit.