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happy spawn day bro!

i almost forgot you existed

Hey guys, its me, just on a different account. Would you guys be willing to help develop a more full fledged game? Join the Discord if youre intrested https://discord.gg/hc2RjCENjm

You seem lonely, I feel bad, let's be friends

We will no longer be using Unity, all projects will be developed on Unreal and Godot from now on.


Paul Pistol Aim Test Animation #furcorps

Frank Fox joins the war! #furcorps

Meant to post this: https://gamejolt.com/p/gunther-the-rabbit-belier-furcorps-zp7rdc…

In #furcorps but on PC I was unable to find the add game option

Gunther the Rabbit Belier #furcorps


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