Heyo, I'm Sonnakai. I made a bunch of games, you can check them out. Three are about a acorn. Two are POPGOES parodies. Two are dumb Baldi mods. One is a dumb Sonic fangame. And the other four are about stickmen. I have quite the range.

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Is Five Nights at Nutty's Remastered cancelled or not ? Just curious

please tell me that nuttys is ok

are you the one who blocked me from the popgoes community

hey its me again came back to gamejolt to relive some memories,i saw ur account and remembered all the fun times i had playing the games u made,i just wanted to tell you keep up the good work bro

double surprise

I was making a game called Saving the Person, but I lost motivation, so I cancelled it. However, I've released the final build publicly! 30 fails, 4 endings, fully storyboarded and partially animated, with fun facts for each scene!



Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Nutty!

A long, long, LONG overdue FNAN:R update.