'Ello, I'm SquintElf. Alt. account is @SquintElfAlt. I joined Game Jolt on March 22nd, 2019.

I’m not very active anymore.


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can i be a mod of the shitpost community, im a fan of the community

can i become a mod of the shitpost community, im a mod in the memes community

Hey can i be a moderator of the Shitpost community?

can i be a mod in the shitpost central community,,,

i'm a mod in the memes community but honestly hate the new moderation style.

Thank you for following our game One More Experiment!

A new demo is coming up later this year! We have a DISCORD if you wanna hang out with our community:


We also have a GameJolt group for the game!

We would love it if you please could recommend the game to two friends :)

Thanks alot and kind regards

I Love This Man

Monty appreciation post

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility!


good story

"I work security at Disney World... well, I mean I did."

highly recommended


Here's a spooky short story I wrote for school

"Don't get rid of the part of you that is cringe, get rid of the part of you that cringes."

-George Washington, probably


Super happy w/ how this turned out, he's my favorite character

oh no

uh oh

I got these guys today :)

There Is A Bingus Among Us


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