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•°• fav color: purple •°•💜

•°• sexuality: Bi •°•🏳‍🌈

•°• height: 1.59cm •°•💗

•°•I'm very annoying and clingy :3 so think a little before you become my friend -v-✨•°•


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🍙°•@stormy___ I will post more sketches and artwork in progress there, follow if you want•°🍙


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•°❗If you make a fanart for me and I don't comment or like it, it's because I didn't see it! so you can send her in my shouts so i can see! but be careful, sometimes it takes me a while to see, but if i'm taking too long you better send my shouts if you want me to see(but send the link of the post where the fanart, not the fanart)❗°•

❗❌pls...DO NOT PUT ME IN GROUPS WITHOUT ASKING BEFORE :) thanks for reading ^^❗❌

❗I accept art requests, but don't come to me and just ask for one, be kinder, it's a little annoying when someone comes and only asks me for an art❗


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•°•@TheGreenSpider he is an amazing person and a great artist too! he is very important to me :3 follow him! 💗🌟•°•


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•°•@Night_coffee AAAAAAAW SHE'S SO CUTE >w< I love talking to her, and she has amazing arts! follow her uwu 🎨✨•°•


💜✨° my sweet gf °✨💜

•°•@CallMehBaka she is so cute gentle and kind <33 she always manages to make me smile hehe -w- follow her!! u-u✨💜•°•


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•°•@CallMehBaka my luv! uwu i love her so much <33 she is so cute and kind follow her! :3💕💖✨•°•

•°•@Poisonberry WONDERFUL ARTS!! follow her, she has very well done art u-u i bet if you see her art you will fall in love with her art style uwu🎨🌟•°•

•°•@RasspBerrii draw soooo good :3 their art style is very beautiful! follow them, they deserve more recognition!!✨💕•°•

•°• @Night_coffee she is a great artist uwu she deserves more recognition! follow her u-u💗✨•°•

•°@Kitsunechild her arts are simply...PERFECT!! she deserves more recognition so follow her! uwu🌟✨•°



°•°✨@TheGreenSpider -i love your arts brother <33 you inspire me :3 keep up your wonderful arts!✨°•°

°•°✨@Night_coffee -your drawings are sooo cute :3 i love them and they give me great inspiration!✨°•°

°•°✨@Poisonberry I met her a short time ago but I already fell in love with her arts! her arts inspire me a lot✨°•°

°•°✨@No_Desi1 -your drawings are perfect uwu i really love your drawings -w-✨°•°

°•°✨@ManelElMestari -I've known you since your 300 followers -w- I've followed you all this time, you evolve a lot of sis! I love your drawings <33✨°•°

°•°✨@Homlily -your drawings are so cute uwu they inspire me :3✨°•°


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is its yous who is featurings my art-

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hello there good art maker may i interest you in a catanana

Your art Its very adorabbble keep your wonderfull art!!!?


Hello, i was wondering if you could draw this. Also love your content 👍

Can you draw me

💕welcome to my profile <33💕

alt account:@stormy___

for fanarts:#SayoFanartuwu

Join my discord server:https://discord.gg/Qh5mXMtt8K

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